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released December 12, 2011



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free boxx Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: goodbye song
i still hear the ghost trains in these woods. i used to live here. and i came back like i said i would. i bet the trees and bees surely noticed, the comin' and goin' of another year. god damn, another year.

now i can't hug you goodbye, if you're covered in bees, but it's okay it's alright, i never cared much for that word anyway.

now i'm sittin' on top of this 82' chevy rust machine, like most evenings, and i'm watchin' the lightnin' weave through the meteorology, and the country station's tellin' me it's gonna rain. but oh, i know. don't i know. lord i know...

now i can't play our goodbye song if you aint taught me the chords, but it's okay, it's alright, i think i'll be comin' this way a time or two more.
Track Name: the new alphabet
struck out again, mostly cause i didn't know i was at bat. got struck by lightnin' again, mostly cause i didn't know i was made of metal, should have known better, don't know too many engines that aren't made of that.

hi there, what is your first name? what is your name before that? and can i meet you? what does is mean when i ask you that?
don't you think it's amazing? that you've been livin' all this time, and i've been livin' all this time. but it wasn't until today that, we crossed together our timelines...

so let's add a letter to the alphabet, you make the shape i'll make the sound for it.

i put some air into, my brother's bike tire, but what i really needed was, more air into my lungs. but, i used my inhaler to, make a machine gun.
and there you were hitchhiking those country roads, i was on the bicycle, i've got plenty of room, it's a long way to go, to oregon from ohio.

so let's add a letter to the alphabet, you make the shape, i'll make the sound for it.
Track Name: dandelions
red has never meant stop to me, dandelions have proven to be no nuisance to me.
i have never felt safety within' your authority, i never could heal in your medical facilities.

my love has never fit your morality, my idea of community doesn't fit in with your money, society.

mud has never felt dirty to me, there's never been a single plant that's been illegal to me.
i've learned the most outside your classroom community, i never felt part of this generation that represents me.